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Seattle Key Locksmith Services Explained

The benefits of a relaxing vacation, a night on the town, or a pleasant day at work are not as beneficial if you suddenly realize the keys to a locked home or vehicle are inside. Commercial locksmiths have the necessary tools needed to get you into your car or home.

A new lock may be necessary after the process. Often, commercial locksmiths can open the door without causing damage to the lock. Ask about rates and surcharges when contacting a commercial locksmith. It is embarrassing to both the locksmith and customer to be stuck in a situation because of a misunderstanding about the price.

Locksmith Automotive Services

Besides opening trunks and car doors, automotive Locksmith services include replacement of car keys, even those that are broken or lost. Automotive locksmiths also repair ignitions. Stranded drivers consider automotive locksmiths heroes when locked out of a vehicle.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmiths install, re-key, and repair emergency exit devices and panic bars. Keys made include Do Not Duplicate keys, keys for portable safes, and file cabinet keys. Locks that are repaired or replaced include high-security locks. Products available are doorknobs, lever handles, and deadbolts.

Bump-proof pins and pick-proof locks offer extra security. Commercial locksmith services in Seattle build Master key systems. They install mailbox locks, keyless entry deadbolts, and keypads that accept pin codes that users program and reset. Many property management companies and real estate agents ask commercial locksmiths for assistance.

The cost-effective process of re-keying door locks is a service provided by commercial locksmiths. Re-keying utilizes an existing lock that works with a different key. Most locks are capable of re-keying so that one key opens all locks.

Residential Locksmith Services

Residential locksmiths service apartments, condos, townhouses, and home. Locksmiths make keys for mailboxes, file cabinets, or lost keys. Unlock services provided include portable safes and antique cabinets. Locksmiths make keys for these storage items also.

When too many people have keys to a home, locksmiths re-key doors. The same key usually opens all doors of a residence. Master key systems designed for specific needs are available. Bump proof locks and pins that are bump proof and pick proof to add extra security.

Those who wish to use a code instead of a key to unlock a door ask Seattle residential locksmiths to install a keyless entry deadbolt. The keypad accepts a code that the customer changes as desired. Other residential installations include patio door locks, deadbolts, and doorknobs. Locksmiths re-key, repair, and install door closures and panic bars.

We offer a wide range of locksmith services in the greater Seattle area, with an extensive selection of high-quality hardware and affordable prices. Our Seattle locksmith technicians will provide you with the required information calmly, professionally and with maximum sincerity. We will always provide the most honest and professional answers seeking to the appropriate solution efficiently and at minimal cost. For your home, we will cover any service needed, from the simplest lockout to a complete lock change and a master rekey or secure a mailbox. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week, and we will always do our best to get to you within 30 minutes.